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Care Options for the Best German Shepherd Puppies Ottawa Has to Offer

You just bought a German Shepherd puppy as your first dog, and you're thrilled. Good for you! However, you need to understand how to care for this pup in a meaningful way. Too many first-time dog owners are likely to make mistakes with this intelligent dog.


For example, you'll need to give your German Shepherd puppies Ottawa veterinary care that ensures that they are happy and healthy. Visits at least once every six months are essential. Just as importantly, you need to make sure your German Shepherd gets a lot of exercise every day.


Simply put, the best German Shepherd puppies Ottawa has to offer will be uniquely full of energy almost every day. As a result, you need to either take them for walks every few hours to burn that energy or create a caged-in area of your backyard where they can run, play, and exercise.

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