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Question: Why is it important to buy from a breeder that is Recognized and their dogs to be registered by the CKC?


Answer: As a buyer you are protected by  the CKC, if you ever want to sell the dog will carry face value. If you have a concern that can not be dealt with by the breeder  regarding your dog, then the CKC will step in and help resolve it.  Your dog is registered in a database that shows 5 or more generations of lineage and without CKC documents  you are only relying on the breeders word. So its a certification that mainly protects you as a buyer. 

But I think the most important reason is that if the dog is not registered with the CKC it is NOT a purebred GSD. In Canada it is against the LAW to sell purebred dogs if they are not registered with he CKC. See link below for the law. No breeder can tell you they sell purebred GSDs unless they are CKC registered. So if you buy from a breeder who doesn't sell CKC registered dogs you are NOT buying a purebred GSD and they can not tell you they sell purebred GSDs. Here is the link for the law. Look at section 64 -G. The fine is $25000 to $50000 for any breeder or person who sells purebred dogs without being a recognized member of the CKC. The dogs they use for breeding  must also be recognized by the CKC and registered in there database. as explained in the link below. LINK:
View Law 64-g

Question: What is the breed standard for German Shepherds?


Answer: The link below is what the breed standard is and as a reputable breeder we follow these guidelines.


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